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MN - Mongolia 2
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SI - Slovenia 2
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AM - Armenia 1
AT - Austria 1
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 1
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BG - Bulgaria 1
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BY - Bielorussia 1
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Loreggia 2
Madrid 2
Marmirolo 2
Montreal 2
Mumbai 2
New Bedfont 2
Padova 2
Pavia 2
Pegognaga 2
Pune 2
Rende 2
San Vito Chietino 2
Totale 6.904
Nome #
Advanced 3D Models Cultured to Investigate Mesenchymal Stromal Cells of the Human Dental Follicle 282
Different uptake of 123I-MIBG in the two main liver lobes: A persistant unsolved mistery 275
U94 of human herpesvirus 6 down-modulates Src, promotes a partial mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition and inhibits tumor cell growth, invasion and metastasis 274
Anti-oxidant potential and gap junction-mediated intercellular communication as early biological markers of mercuric chloride toxicity in MDCK cell line. 248
Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Affect Myogenic Processes in C2C12 Myoblasts: Role of Gap-Junction-Mediated Intercellular Communication 208
In Vitro Modeling of Tissue-Specific 3D Microenvironments and Possibile Application to Pediatric Cancer Research 196
New alternative models for in vitro toxicology 186
RCCS™ bioreactor-based modelled microgravity induces significant changes on in vitro 3D neuroglial cell cultures 182
A comparative in vitro study of the toxic potency of five inorganic lead compounds on a rat liver epithelial cell line (REL). 143
Alternatives to animal experimentation for hormonal compounds research. 141
Critical role of gonadal hormones on the genotoxic activity of the hepatocarcinogen DL-ZAMI 1305. 137
Monitoring air pollution effects in children for supporting public health policy: the MAPEC_LIFE study. 129
Endogenous thiols and MRP transporters contribute to Hg2+ efflux in HgCl2-treated tubular MDCK cells 127
Is anaerobic digestion effective for the removal of organic micropollutants and biological activities from sewage sludge? 126
EDCs, estrogenicity and genotoxicity reduction in a mixed (domestic + textile) secondary effluent by means of ozonation: a full-scale experience 121
Removal of BPA and NPnEOs from secondary effluents of municipal WWTPs by means of ozonation 121
MAK-4 and -5 supplemented diet inhibits liver carcinogenesis in mice. 118
Air, Water and Soil: Which Alternatives? Alternative Models in Environmental Toxicology 117
Age-dependent, seasonal and daily variations of the DNA damaging capacity of the hepatocarcinogen ZAMI 1305 in female rat liver. 115
Modelling tissues in 3D: the next future of pharmaco-toxicology and food research? 113
Paclitaxel-releasing mesenchymal stromal cells inhibit the growth of multiple myeloma cells in a dynamic 3D culture system 113
Microfluidic capacitive sensors for noncontact particle detection in a microchannel 109
Monitoring air pollution effects on children for supporting public health policy: the protocol of the prospective cohort MAPEC study 107
Thyroid and chemical hepatocarcinogenesis: further insights from the hepatocarcinogen ZAMI 1305. 106
Microfluidic Sensor for Noncontact Detection of Cell Flow in a Microchannel 106
Improving awareness of health hazards associated with air pollution in primary school children: Design and test of didactic tools 105
Effect of biological and chemical oxidation on the removal of estrogenic compounds (NP and BPA) from wastewater: an integrated assessment procedure 99
Structural analysis of rat bone explants kept in vitro in simulated microgravity conditions. 98
3D culture of isolated cells: a fast and efficient method for optimizing their histochemical and immunocytochemical analyses 98
IL-6 promotes compensatory liver regeneration in cirrhotic rat after partial hepatectomy 95
Organ-specific manganese toxicity: a comparative in vitro study on five cellular models exposed to MnCl2 94
Is the intracellular localization of connexin 43 a possible mechanism for the TPA-induced inhibition of rat liver epithelial cells junctional coupling? 94
Cytotoxicity of low doses of inorganic mercury in tubular kidney cells 94
Are 6-8 year old Italian children moving away from the Mediterranean diet? 94
Removal of BPA and NPnEOS from secondary effluents of municipal WWTPs by means of ozonation 93
Microfluidic sensor for noncontact detection of cell flow in a microchannel 93
Could human dental follicle precursors represent a source of cells suitable for osteo-articular tissue engineering procedures? 92
Alternatives to animal experimentation for hormonal compounds research 92
A comparison between the effects of five different inorganic Pb2+ compounds on the proliferation of an epithelial rat liver cell line 91
Calcium-mediated transductive systems and functionally active gap junctions in astrocyte-like GL15 cells 89
The dye-transfer assay permits the evaluation of the modulation of junctional communication by chemicals: results obtained employing a highly sensitive video- recording system connected with the microinjector 88
The assessment of WWTPs performance: Towards a jigsaw puzzle evaluation? 87
A mesoscale study of the degradation of bone structural properties in modeled microgravity conditions 86
Studio in vitro dei meccanismi di nefrotossicità del cloruro di mercurio – 85
Innovative models to assess Multiple Myeloma biology and impact of drugs 84
Modulation of redox status and calcium handling by extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields in C2C12 muscle cells: A real-time, single-cell approach 84
Effect of tumor-promoting and anti-promoting chemicals on the viability and junctional coupling of human HeLa cells transfected with DNAs coding for various murine connexin proteins 83
Cytotoxicity of low doses of inorganic mercury in tubular kidney cells 82
Simulated microgravity induces complex histomorphological alterations on the osteo-articular system: an in vitro study on bone tissue explants kept in culture by the use of the RCCS TM bioreactor. 78
Modelling tissues in 3D: the next future of pharmaco-toxicology and food research? 78
Studio in vitro dei meccanismi di nefrotossicità del cloruro di mercurio (In vitro study of the mechanisms of HgCl2 nephro-toxicity) 77
In vitro engineering of rabbit articular cartilage: organotypic culture in relative microgravity 77
Evaluation of the structural quality of bone in a case of progressive osteoporosis complicating a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) of the upper limb 73
The Importance of Native Constituents and Microenvironmental Factors Studied in Bioreactor-Based 3D Culture Models of Articular Cartilage 73
The active efflux of lead induces the reversibility of its inhibitory effects on rel cell proliferation 72
Ex-vivo dynamic 3-D culture of human tissues in the RCCS??? bioreactor allows the study of Multiple Myeloma biology and response to therapy. 71
3D culture of articular cartilage explants: new perspectives for future possible clinical applications 70
Inorganic lead promotes dose dependent endothelin secretion in a renal-derived cell line (MDCK) 69
The Hg2+ export activity of MRP2 transporter in MDCK cells exposed to mercuric chloride. 69
Fibroblasts maintained in 3 dimension show a better differentiation state and higher sensitivity to estrogens 69
Influence of the chemical-physical properties of five inorganic Pb compounds on the toxic potential of the metal. 68
In vitro study of the mechanism(s) of mercury chloride nephrotoxicity 68
3D culture in microgravity: a realistic alternative to experimental animal use 67
In vitro study of the mechanism of HgCl2 nephro-toxicity 66
The role of bioassays in the assessment of ozonation suitability for the removal of EDCs from wastewater 66
The importance of native constituents and microenvironmental factors studied in bioreactor-based 3D culture models of articular cartilage 65
A method for oriented Epon embedding of cell monolayers to obtain orizontal ultrathin sections for T.E.M. studies 65
Monitoraggio degli effetti dell’inquinamento atmosferico sui bambini a sostegno delle strategie di sanità pubblica: il progetto MAPEC_LIFE 65
Environmental pollution: Usefulness of different in vitro models to assess the effects of air and wastewaters on cell homeostasis 64
Inhibition of rat liver gap junction intercellular communication by tumor-promoting agents in vivo; association with aberrant localization of connexin proteins 63
NF-κB factor c-Rel mediates neuroprotection elicited by mGlu5 receptor agonists against amyloid β-peptide toxicity 63
Bioreactor-based 3D culture of bone explants and micro-structural numerical analysis of bone volumes: new tools for the study of bone loss pathophysiology and targeted therapies 63
Bioengineered osteo-articular systems: 3D culture of bone and cartilage in simulated microgravity 62
3D culture in simulated microgravity: effects on the behaviour of the human glioblastoma derived GL15 cell line 61
How should ecohazard of micropollutants in wastewater be gauged? Using bioassays to profile alternative tertiary treatments 60
Evaluation of the anti-tumor activity of Paclitaxel-releasing MSCs on multyple myeloma cells in a dynamic 3D-culture system 59
Integrated evaluation of air pollution effects: in vitro toxic and genotoxic properties and early biological effects in buccal cells of children 59
Altered homologous and heterologous gap-junctional intercellular communication in primary liver tumors associated with aberrant protein localization but not gene mutation of connexin 32 58
Influence of the erbicide Linuron on the growth rate and gap-junctional intercellular communication of cultured endothelial cells 57
Inhibition of DNA and RNA synthesis in rat liver nuclei by oncogenic and non-oncogenic beta-blockers. 56
Evaluation of the tumor-promoting activity of two beta-adrenoreceptor blocking agents, propranolol and atenolol, in liver of Fischer 344 rats. 56
“In vitro engineering of rabbit articular cartilage: organotypic culture in simulated microgravity as possibile model to be applied for the study of myogenesis" 56
Evaluation of Estrogen Receptor Interacting Compounds (ER-ICs) activity in a 3D ex-vivo model of mouse liver: comparison with the in vivo situation” 55
The active efflux of lead induces the reversibility of its inhibitory effects on REL cell proliferation 55
3D-culture of isolated cells and tissue explants in relative microgravity: new perspectives and possible applications 55
Modelli, strumenti e metodi per valutare l’impatto delle opere di ingegneria sanitaria sull’ambiente e la salute umana: il trattamento delle acque reflue (WAT_CHALLENGE) 53
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor undergoes physiological changes during a 24 hours cycle in rat brain 52
The polarized hepatic human/rat hybrid WIF 12-1 and WIF B cells communicate efficiently in vitro via cx 32 constituted gap junctions 50
Influence on cell-cell communication (dye-transfer) of the oncogenic beta-blocker DL-ZAMI 1305: possible relation to tumor promotion. 49
Quantitative structural assessment of rat tibial epiphhyseal explants kept in microgravity conditions 49
Il Manuale Merk di Diagnosi e Terapia” - 5^ ed. Italiana (traduzione della 18^ edizione in lingua inglese di “The MERK Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy”, 2006) 48
TPA-induced inhibition of gap-junctional intercellular communication in cultured rat liver epithelial cells: role of actin cytoskeleton 48
Inorganic lead promotes dose-dependent endothelin secretion in a renal-derived cell line (MDCK) 47
“Long-term culture of bone explants in simulated microgravity conditions can reproduce skeletal abnormalities observed after spaceflight: a structural analysis” 46
Mutagenicità di fanghi di depurazione 46
TPA can differentially affect the permeability of homotipic gap-junctional channels: an in vitro study on HeLa cells transfected with various connexin genes 45
Effects of four inorganic lead compounds on the proliferation and junctional coupling of cultured REL lier cells 43
Models on liver: alternative methods in hepatotoxicity 41
Totale 9.176
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