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Nome #
CHF5074 (CSP-1103) induces microglia alternative activation in plaque-free Tg2576 mice and primary glial cultures exposed to beta-amyloid 286
PEA and luteolin synergistically reduce mast cell-mediated toxicity and elicit neuroprotection in cell-based models of brain ischemia 247
Glutamatergic neurons induce expression of functional glutamatergic synapses in primary myotubes. 241
Redistribution of DAT/α-synuclein complexes visualized by “in situ” proximity ligation assay in transgenic mice modelling early Parkinson’s disease 237
Ropinirole and Pramipexole Promote Structural Plasticity in Human iPSC-Derived Dopaminergic Neurons via BDNF and mTOR Signaling 237
Glutamatergic Reinnervation and Assembly of Glutamatergic Synapses in Adult Rat Skeletal Muscle Occurs at Cholinergic Endplates 231
Glutamatergic reinnervation through peripheral nerve graft dictates assembly of glutamatergic synapses at rat skeletal muscle 231
The End Is the Beginning: Parkinson's Disease in the Light of Brain Imaging 218
1B/(-)IRE DMT1 Expression during Brain Ischemia Contributes to Cell Death Mediated by NF-κB/RelA Acetylation at Lys310 216
GPNMB/OA protein increases the invasiveness of human metastatic prostate cancer cell lines DU145 and PC3 through MMP-2 and MMP-9 activity 216
NF-κB and epigenetic mechanisms as integrative regulators of brain resilience to anoxic stress. 211
NF-κB in Innate Neuroprotection and Age-Related Neurodegenerative Diseases 210
The Contribution of -Synuclein Spreading to Parkinson’s Disease Synaptopathy 209
Nicotine-induced structural plasticity in mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons is mediated by dopamine d3 receptors and akt-mtorc1 signaling 206
Mild inflammatory profile without gliosis in the c-rel deficient mouse modeling a late-onset parkinsonism 205
Late-onset Parkinsonism in NFκB/c-Rel-deficient mice. 203
Synergistic association of valproate and resveratrol reduces brain injury in ischemic stroke 202
Targeted acetylation of NF-kappaB/RelA and histones by epigenetic drugs reduces post-ischemic brain injury in mice with an extended therapeutic window. 200
Priming of cultured neurons with sabeluzole results in long-lasting inhibition of neurotoxin-induced tau expression and cell death. 198
Mitochondria and alpha-synuclein: Friends or foes in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease? 155
The "in situ" proximity ligation assay to probe protein-protein interactions in intact tissues 144
The gamma-Secretase Modulator CHF5074 Reduces the Accumulation of Native Hyperphosphorylated Tau in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease 144
Synapsin III is a key component of α-synuclein fibrils in Lewy bodies of PD brains 141
Role of Dopamine D2/D3 Receptors in Development, Plasticity, and Neuroprotection in Human iPSC-Derived Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons 137
Targeting IKK2 by pharmacological inhibitor AS602868 prevents excitotoxic injury to neurons and oligodendrocytes. 136
Post-ischemic brain damage: NF-kappaB dimer heterogeneity as a molecular determinant of neuron vulnerability 136
NF-kappaB p50/RelA and c-Rel-containing dimers: opposite regulators of neuron vulnerability to ischaemia. 136
Bim and Noxa are candidates to mediate the deleterious effect of the NF-kappa B subunit RelA in cerebral ischemia. 135
Spinal cord mGlu1a receptors - Possible target for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis therapy 134
Different muscarinic receptor subtypes modulate proliferation of primary human detrusor smooth muscle cells via Akt/PI3K and map kinases. 125
Targeting of Disordered Proteins by Small Molecules in Neurodegenerative Diseases 124
Chapter 24 NF-KappaB Dimers in the Regulation of Neuronal Survival 118
Identification and characterization of a kappa B/Rel binding site in the regulatory region of the amyloid precursor protein gene. 114
Inhibition of Survivin Is Associated with Zoledronic Acid-induced Apoptosis of Prostate Cancer Cells 114
An Integrated Approach for a Structural and Functional Evaluation of Biosimilars: Implications for Erythropoietin 113
Structural plasticity in mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons produced by drugs of abuse: critical role of BDNF and dopamine 112
Age-related changes of enkephalin in rat spinal cord 111
Expression of functional NR1/NR2B-type NMDA receptors in neuronally differentiated SK-N-SH human cell line 109
Cellular mechanisms for neurotensin receptor-mediated release of prolactin. 107
Dopamine receptors are present in rat and human esophagus 103
The tyrosine phosphatase Shp-2 interacts with the dopamine D(1) receptor and triggers D(1) -mediated Erk signaling in striatal neurons. 103
Differential gene expression of cholinergic muscarinic receptor subtypes in male and female normal human urinary bladder. 103
mGluR5 metabotropic glutamate receptor distribution in rat and human spinal cord: a developmental study. 102
Differential effects of caffeine on dihydroxyphenylacetic acid concentrations in various rat brain dopaminergic structures 102
Metabotropic glutamate receptor mRNA expression in rat spinal cord 102
SNARE protein redistribution and synaptic failure in a transgenic mouse model of Parkinson's disease. 101
The gamma-secretase modulator CHF5074 elicits neuroprotection and increases histone acetylation in primary cortical neurons exposed to oxygen glucose deprivation 101
Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide (VIP) selectively stimulates prolactin release in healthy women 101
The neurobiology of dopamine receptors: evolution from the dual concept to heterodimer complexes 100
Nerve growth factor suppresses the transforming phenotype of human prolactinomas 99
Sex-related variations in serum nerve growth factor concentration in humans. 98
Alpha-synuclein aggregation and cell death triggered by energy deprivation and dopamine overload are counteracted by D2/D3 receptor activation 98
Identification of D2 dopaminergic receptors in bovine adrenal cortex. 98
The proximity ligation assay: an high throughput technique for protein analysis in neuroscience 98
A new pharmacological approach to the facilitation of acetylcholine transmission. 97
From α-synuclein to synaptic dysfunctions: new insights into the pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease 97
Effect of lead exposure on dopaminergic receptors in rat striatum and nucleus accumbens 97
Induction of tumour-suppressor phosphoprotein p53 in the apoptosis of cultured rat cerebellar neurones triggered by excitatory amino acids. 96
Clozapine-induced alteration of glucose homeostasis in the rat: the contribution of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activation 96
Post-synaptic D1 and D2 dopamine receptors are present in rabbit renal and mesenteric arteries 96
Chronic lead exposure alters dopaminergic mechanisms in rat pituitary 96
c-Rel deficient mice, a mouse model of "spreading" PD-like pathology. 96
Opposing regulation of tau protein levels by ionotropic and metabotropic glutamate receptors in human NT2 neurons 95
Synapsin III alterations in Parkinson's disease 95
Nerve growth factor directs differentiation of the bipotential cell line GH-3 into the mammotroph phenotype 94
Prevention of neuron and oligodendrocyte degeneration by interleukin-6 (IL-6) and IL-6 receptor/IL-6 fusion protein in organotypic hippocampal slices 94
Chronic lead exposure differentially affects dopamine transport in rat striatum and nucleus accumbens. 94
Evidence for the presence of D1 and D2 dopamine receptors in the rat adrenal cortex 94
Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Alpha-Synuclein Synaptic Pathology in Parkinson’s Disease: Who’s on First? 94
Tau protein immunolocalization in fetal and adult human spinal cord. 93
Identification of novel alternatively-spliced mRNA isoforms of metabotropic glutamate receptor 6 gene in rat and human retina. 93
Selective disarrangement of the rostral telencephalic cholinergic system in heterozygous reeler mice. 93
Clinical Outcome After Extended Endovascular Recanalization in Buerger's Disease in 20 Consecutive Cases. 93
Computational and functional analysis of biopharmaceutical drugs in zebrafish: Erythropoietin as a test model 93
The NMDA/D1 receptor complex as a new target in drug development 92
Synergistic association of valproate and resveratrol reduces brain injury in ischemic stroke. 92
Acute scopolamine treatment decreases dopamine metabolism in rat hippocampus and frontal cortex 90
Opposing roles for D-1 and D-2 dopamine receptors in the regulation of lower esophageal sphincter motility in the rat. 90
Inhibition of aldosterone secretion by dopamine, ibopamine, and dihydroergotoxine in patients with congestive heart failure 90
Neuroprotection by metabotropic glutamate receptor agonists on kainate-induced degeneration of motor neurons in spinal cord slices from adult rat. 90
Alpha1 adrenoceptor subtypes in human urinary bladder: sex and regional comparison. 90
Nerve growth factor in pituitary development and pituitary tumors 90
The miR-21/PTEN/Akt signaling pathway is involved in the anti-tumoral effects of zoledronic acid in human breast cancer cell lines 90
Role of receptor heterodimers in the development of L-dopa-induced dyskinesias in the 6-hydroxydopamine rat model of Parkinson's disease. 89
Glycogen synthase kinase-3 inhibition reducesischemic cerebral damage, restores impaired mitochondrial biogenesis and preventsROS production 89
Nerve growth factor in the anterior pituitary: localization in mammotroph cells and co-secretion with prolactin by a dopamine-regulated mechanism 88
Gene expression profile activated by the chemokine CCL5/RANTES in human neuronal cells 88
Depletion of Progranulin Reduces GluN2B-Containing NMDA Receptor Density, Tau Phosphorylation, and Dendritic Arborization in Mouse Primary Cortical Neurons 87
Nerve growth factor signaling in prostate health and disease. 87
Different neurotransmitter systems are involved in the development of esophageal achalasia 86
Angiotensin II differentially affects cyclic AMP formation in intact adrenal glomerulosa cells and in purified membrane preparations 86
Nerve growth factor suppresses the tumoral phenotype of human prolactinomas 86
Ruolo dei recettori della dopamina nella regolazione motoria dello sfintere esofageo inferiore del ratto 86
α-synuclein and synapsin III cooperatively regulate synaptic function in dopamine neurons 86
Nerve growth factor and bromocriptine: a sequential therapy for human bromocriptine-resistant prolactinomas 85
Nerve growth factor abrogates the tumorigenicity of human small cell lung cancer cell lines 85
The inhibitor of IkappaBalpha phosphorylation BAY 11-7082 prevents NMDA neurotoxicity in mouse hippocampal slices. 85
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