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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Damage assessment in a wheel steel under alternated dry-lubricated contact by an innovative vision system 1-gen-2023 Bodini, Ileana; Zani, Nicola; Petrogalli, Candida; Mazzù, Angelo; Kato, Takanori; Makino, Taizo
Effect of desert sand on wear and rolling contact fatigue behaviour of various railway wheel steels 1-gen-2018 Faccoli, Michela; Petrogalli, Candida; Lancini, Matteo; Ghidini, Andrea; Mazzu', Angelo
Effect of dynamic windblown sand environments on the wear and damage of wheel-rail under different slip ratios 1-gen-2022 Shu, K.; Ding, H. H.; Mazzù, A.; Lin, Q.; Guo, J.; Meli, E.; Liu, Q. Y.; Wang, W. J.
Effect of heat treatment on microstructure and erosion resistance of white cast irons for slurry pumping applications 1-gen-2019 Gelfi, Marcello; Pola, Annalisa; Girelli, Luca; Zacco, Annalisa; Masotti, Marianovella; La Vecchia, Giovina Marina
Effect of shoe braking on wear and fatigue damage of various railway wheel steels for high speed applications 1-gen-2019 Mazzu', Angelo; Provezza, Luca; Zani, Nicola; Petrogalli, Candida; Ghidini, Andrea; Faccoli, Michela
Effects of full-stops on shoe-braked railway wheel wear damage 1-gen-2019 Faccoli, Michela; Provezza, Luca; Petrogalli, Candida; Andrea, Ghidini; Mazzu', Angelo
Evaluation of wear in rolling contact tests by means of 2D image analysis 1-gen-2018 Bodini, I.; Petrogalli, C.; Faccoli, M.; Lancini, M.; Pasinetti, S.; Sansoni, G.; Docchio, F.; Mazzù, A.
Experimental and numerical investigation on the wear behavior of high performance railway wheel steels paired with various brake block materials under dry sliding conditions 1-gen-2022 Faccoli, Michela; Zani, Nicola; Ghidini, Andrea; Petrogalli, Candida
An experimental procedure for surface damage assessment in railway wheel and rail steels 1-gen-2015 Mazzu', Angelo; Solazzi, Luigi; Lancini, Matteo; Petrogalli, Candida; Ghidini, A.; Faccoli, Michela
An integrated model for competitive damage mechanisms assessment in railway wheel steels 1-gen-2015 Mazzu', Angelo; Petrogalli, Candida; Faccoli, Michela
Investigation and FEM-based simulation of tool wear in turning operations with uncoated carbide tools 1-gen-2010 Attanasio, Aldo; Ceretti, Elisabetta; Fiorentino, Antonio; Cappellini, Cristian; Giardini, Claudio
Investigation of cavitation erosion resistance of AlSi10Mg alloy for additive manufacturing 1-gen-2018 Girelli, Luca; Tocci, Marialaura; Montesano, Lorenzo; Gelfi, Marcello; Pola, Annalisa
Minimal quantity lubrication in turning: effect on tool wear 1-gen-2006 Attanasio, Aldo; Gelfi, Marcello; Giardini, Claudio; Remino, Carlo
A model for predicting plastic strain and surface cracks at steady-state wear and ratcheting regime 1-gen-2018 Mazzu, A.; Donzella, G.
Numerical simulation of tool wear in drilling Inconel 718 under flood and cryogenic cooling conditions 1-gen-2020 Attanasio, A.; Ceretti, E.; Outeiro, J.; Poulachon, G.
Predictive maps for the rolling contact fatigue and wear interaction in railway wheel steels 1-gen-2022 Zani, N.; Petrogalli, C.
Progressive damage assessment in the near-surface layer of railway wheel-rail couple under cyclic contact 1-gen-2011 Donzella, Giorgio; Faccoli, Michela; Mazzu', Angelo; Petrogalli, Candida; Roberti, Roberto
Tool wear effects on white and dark layer formation in hard turning of AISI 52100 steel 1-gen-2012 Attanasio, Aldo; D., Umbrello; Cappellini, Cristian; G., Rotella; R., M'Saoubi
Vision-based damage analysis in shoe-braking tests on railway wheel steels 1-gen-2022 Bodini, Ileana; Petrogalli, Candida; Faccoli, Michela; Mazzu', Angelo
Mostrati risultati da 4 a 22 di 22
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