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Sensitive windows of manganese exposure and frontal cortex function in adolescents 1-gen-2018 Bauer, Julia A.; White, Roberta; Austin, Christine; Yang, Qiong; Bellinger, David; Webster, Thomas F.; Guazzetti, Stefano; Coull, Brent; Zoni, Silvia; Fedrighi, Chiara; Benedetti, Chiara; Cagna, Giuseppa; Placidi, Donatella; Wright, Robert Orrin; Smith, Donald Robert; Lucchini, Roberto G.; Arora, Manish Kumar; Claus Henn, Birgit
Polymorphisms in Manganese Transporters SLC30A10 and SLC39A8 Are Associated With Children's Neurodevelopment by Influencing Manganese Homeostasis 1-gen-2018 Wahlberg, Karin E; Guazzetti, Stefano; Pineda, Daniela; Larsson, Susanna C; Fedrighi, Chiara; Cagna, Giuseppa; Zoni, Silvia; Placidi, Donatella; Wright, Robert Orrin; Smith, Donald R; Lucchini, Roberto G; BROBERG PALMGREN, Karin Elisabeth
Assessing the contributions of metals in environmental media to exposure biomarkers in a region of ferroalloy industry 1-gen-2018 Butler, Lindsey; Gennings, Chris; Peli, Marco; Borgese, Laura; Placidi, Donatella; Zimmerman, Neil; Hsu, Hsiao-Hsien L.; Coull, Brent A.; Wright, Robert Orrin; Smith, Donald R.; Lucchini, Roberto G.; Claus Henn, Birgit
Manganese transporter genetics and sex modify the association between environmental manganese exposure and neurobehavioral outcomes in children 1-gen-2019 Wahlberg, K; Taj, T; Guazzetti, S; Peli, Marco; Cagna, G; Placidi, Donatella; Wright, R; Smith, D; Lucchini, R; Broberg, K
Multi-media biomarkers: Improving the accuracy of metal exposure assessments 1-gen-2019 Levin-schwartz, Y; Gennings, C; Claus Henn, B; Coull, B; Placidi, D; Smith, D; Lucchini, R; Wright, R
Sex-specific associations between exposure to multiple metals and visuospatial memory skills in adolescents 1-gen-2019 Rechtman, E; Papazaharias, D; Renzetti, S; Cagna, G; Colicino, E; Hazeltine, D; Peli, M; Levin-Schwartz, Y; de Water, E; Placidi, D; Smith, D; Wright, R; Lucchini, R; Horton, M
Early-life Dentine Manganese Concentrations and Intrinsic Functional Brain Connectivity in Adolescents and Young Adults 1-gen-2019 E de Water, ; Papazaharias, D; Ambrosi, C; Mascaro, L; Levin-Schwartz, Y; Rechtman, E; Cagna, G; Corbo, Daniele; Gasparotti, R; Lucchini, R; Oppini, M; Placidi, D; Austin, C; Arora, Manish Kumar; Tang, C; Smith, D; Wright, R; Horton, Megan Kathleen
Associations of a metal mixture measured in multiple biomarkers with IQ: Evidence from italian adolescents living near ferroalloy industry 1-gen-2020 Bauer, J. A.; Devick, K. L.; Bobb, J. F.; Coull, B. A.; Bellinger, D.; Benedetti, C.; Cagna, G.; Fedrighi, C.; Guazzetti, S.; Oppini, M.; Placidi, D.; Webster, T. F.; White, R. F.; Yang, Q.; Zoni, S.; Wright, R. O.; Smith, D. R.; Lucchini, R. G.; Henn, B. C.
Associations of a Metal Mixture Measured in Multiple Biomarkers with IQ: Evidence from Italian Adolescents Living near Ferroalloy Industry 1-gen-2020 Bauer, Julia A; Devick, Katrina L; Bobb, Jennifer F; Coull, Brent A; Bellinger, David; Benedetti, Chiara; Cagna, Giuseppa; Fedrighi, Chiara; Guazzetti, Stefano; Oppini, Manuela; Placidi, Donatella; Webster, Thomas F; White, Roberta F; Yang, Qiong; Zoni, Silvia; Wright, Robert O; Smith, Donald R; Lucchini, Roberto G; Claus Henn, Birgit
Critical windows of susceptibility in the association between manganese and neurocognition in Italian adolescents living near ferro-manganese industry 1-gen-2021 Bauer, J. A.; White, R. F.; Coull, B. A.; Austin, C.; Oppini, M.; Zoni, S.; Fedrighi, C.; Cagna, G.; Placidi, D.; Guazzetti, S.; Yang, Q.; Bellinger, D. C.; Webster, T. F.; Wright, R. O.; Smith, D.; Horton, M.; Lucchini, R. G.; Arora, M.; Claus Henn, B.
The Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery Neuromotor Tasks: From Conventional to Image-Derived Measures 1-gen-2022 Corbo, Daniele; Placidi, Donatella; Gasparotti, Roberto; Wright, Robert; Smith, Donald R; Lucchini, Roberto G; Horton, Megan K; Colicino, Elena
Impact of COVID-19-Related Social Isolation on Behavioral Outcomes in Young Adults Residing in Northern Italy 1-gen-2022 Patrono, Alessandra; Invernizzi, Azzurra; Placidi, Donatella; Cagna, Giuseppa; Calza, Stefano; Oppini, Manuela; Rechtman, Elza; Papazaharias, Demetrios M; Reichenberg, Abraham; Lucchini, Roberto G; Memo, Maurizio; Ongaro, Elisa; Rota, Matteo; Wright, Robert O; Renzetti, Stefano; Horton, Megan K
Associations of an industry-relevant metal mixture with verbal learning and memory in Italian adolescents: The modifying role of iron status 1-gen-2023 Schildroth, Samantha; Friedman, Alexa; White, Roberta F; Kordas, Katarzyna; Placidi, Donatella; Bauer, Julia A; Webster, Thomas F; Coull, Brent A; Cagna, Giuseppa; Wright, Robert O; Smith, Donald; Lucchini, Roberto G; Horton, Megan; Henn, Birgit Claus
Topological network properties of resting-state functional connectivity patterns are associated with metal mixture exposure in adolescents 1-gen-2023 Invernizzi, Azzurra; Rechtman, Elza; Oluyemi, Kristie; Renzetti, Stefano; Curtin, Paul; Colicino, Elena; Ambrosi, Claudia; Mascaro, Lorella; Patrono, Alessandra; Corbo, Daniele; Cagna, Giuseppa; Gasparotti, Roberto; Reichenberg, Abraham; Tang, Cheuk Y; Smith, Donald R; Placidi, Donatella; Lucchini, Roberto G; Wright, Robert O; Horton, Megan K
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