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Kaposi's sarcoma: a histological and himmunohistochemical study 1-gen-1987 Facchetti, Fabio; Lucini, L; Gavazzoni, R; Manganoni, Ma; CALZAVARA PINTON, Piergiacomo; Callea, F.
Liver morphology in anicteric patients at long term follow-up after kasai operation. A study of 16 cases 1-gen-1987 Callea, F; Facchetti, Fabio; Lucini, L; Favret, M; Zorzi, F; Guerini, A; Bonetti, M; Alberti, Daniele; Dessanti, A; Caccia, G.
Immunostaining on paraffin sections of colonic adenocarcinoma and surrounding mucosa with MoAb 3682. 1-gen-1987 Berenzi, Angiola; Benetti, Anna; Grigolato, Pier Giovanni; Facchetti, Fabio; Ferrone, S; Albertini, A.
Muir-Torre's syndrome. Report of a case with a long follow-up. 1-gen-1987 Bonetti, M; Facchetti, Fabio; Gavazzoni, R; CALZAVARA PINTON, Piergiacomo; Ragni, F; Callea, F.
Immunohistochemical visualization of plasmacytoid T cells in paraffin sections 1-gen-1987 Facchetti, F; de Wolfe-Peeters, C; van den Oord, J J; Desmet, V J
A case of Richter's syndrome due to the spontaneous proliferation of two immunologically unrelated B cell malignancies 1-gen-1987 Rossi, G; Capucci, M A; Facchetti, F; Marinone, G
Phenotypic characterization of inflammatory cells in phlyctenular eye disease 1-gen-1988 abu el-Asrar, A M; Van den Oord, J J; Geboes, K; Facchetti, F; Missotten, L; Emarah, M H; Desmet, V
Plasmacytoid T cells: a cell population normally present in the reactive lymph node. An immunohistochemical and electronmicroscopic study. 1-gen-1988 Facchetti, Fabio; DE WOLF PEETERS, C; VAN DEN OORD, Jj; DE VOS, R; Desmet, Vj
Plasmacytoid T cells. Immunohistochemical evidence for their monocyte/macrophage origin. 1-gen-1988 Facchetti, Fabio; DE WOLF PEETERS, C; Mason, Dy; Pulford, K; VAN DEN OORD, Jj; Desmet, Vj
Immunomorphological analysis of the role of blood vessel endothelium in the morphogenesis of cutaneous Kaposi's sarcoma: a study of 57 cases 1-gen-1988 Facchetti, F; Lucini, L; Gavazzoni, R; Callea, F
Plasmacytoid T cells in a case of lymphocytic infiltration of skin. A component of the skin‐associated lymphoid tissue? 1-gen-1988 Facchetti, Fabio; De Wolf‐Peeters, Chris; Van Den Oord, Joost J.; Desmet, Valeer J.
Epidermal nevus syndrome with multiple vascular hamartomas and malformations 1-gen-1989 CALZAVARA PINTON, Piergiacomo; Carlino, A; Manganoni, Am; Donzelli, C; Facchetti, Fabio
[Immunohistochemical study of porokeratosis in kidney transplantation] 1-gen-1989 Manganoni, A M; Facchetti, F; Manganoni, A; Gavazzoni, R
Proposal for a therapeutic protocol in Crosti lymphoma 1-gen-1989 Manganoni, Am; Morrica, B; Pasolini, G; CALZAVARA PINTON, Piergiacomo; Braga, D; Facchetti, Fabio; Gavazzoni, R.
Binding of biotin to hepatitis B surface antigen: A possible pitfall in immunohistochemistry 1-gen-1989 Van Den Oord, J. J.; Facchetti, F.; De Wolf-Peeters, C.; Desmet, V. J.
Anti-high endothelial venule monoclonal antibody HECA-452 recognizes plasmacytoid T cells and delineates an "extranodular" compartment in the reactive lymph node. 1-gen-1989 Facchetti, Fabio; DE WOLF PEETERS, C; VAN DEN OORD, Jj; Meijer, Cj; Pals, St; Desmet, Vj
Plasmacytoid monocytes (so-called plasmacytoid T cells) in granulomatous lymphadenitis 1-gen-1989 Facchetti, F; De Wolf-Peeters, C; De Vos, R; van den Oord, J J; Pulford, K A; Desmet, V J
Involvement of epidermal Langerhans cells in porokeratosis of immunosuppressed renal transplant recipients 1-gen-1989 Manganoni, A M; Facchetti, F; Gavazzoni, R
Hepatocellular transferrin receptor expression in secondary siderosis 1-gen-1989 Sciot, R; van Eyken, P; Facchetti, F; Callea, F; van der Steen, K; van Dijck, H; van Parys, G; Desmet, V J
Plasmacytoid monocytes (so-called plasmacytoid T-cells) in Kikuchi's lymphadenitis. An immunohistologic study. 1-gen-1989 Facchetti, Fabio; DE WOLF PEETERS, C; VAN DEN OORD, Jj; DE VOS, R; Desmet, Vj
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