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What arguments on vaccinations run through YouTube videos in Italy? A content analysis 1-gen-2017 Covolo, Loredana; Ceretti, Elisabetta; Passeri, Chiara; Boletti, Michela; Gelatti, Umberto
What Did Monetary Policy Do? Rules, Uncertainty and Structural Change in Actual Interest-Rate Policies 1-gen-2001 Trecroci, Carmine
What do managers communicate in the financial reporting to the stakeholders? A comparison between Italy and the UK from 2003 to 2008 1-gen-2011 Veneziani, Monica; Carini, Cristian; Bendotti, Giulia; Teodori, Claudio
What do Portals for Doctors Offer? A Qualitative Analysis of their Features for the Enrichment of Expert Knowledge. 1-gen-2009 Gelatti, Umberto; Orizio, Grazia; Belotti, Caterina Elena; Rubinelli, S; Covolo, Loredana; Schulz, Peter
What do we learn from recall consumption data? 1-gen-2000 Battistin, E; Miniaci, Raffaele; Weber, G.
What do we Learn from Recall Consumption Data? 1-gen-2003 Battistin, E; Miniaci, Raffaele; Weber, G.
What do we really know about Reference Pricing for pharmaceuticals?Evidence from a systematic review of the literature 1-gen-2011 Galizzi, Matteo Maria; Simone, Ghislandi; Marisa, Miraldo
What do you feel if I apply transcranial electric stimulation? Safety, sensations and secondary induced effects 1-gen-2015 Fertonani, A; Ferrari, C; Miniussi, Carlo
What do you mean by ‘mobile’? Multi-applicant inventors in the European Biotechnology Industry 1-gen-2009 Laforgia, F.; Lissoni, Francesco
What Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger. Legal Evolutionism and the Unusual Cases of Google News 1-gen-2015 Granieri, Massimiliano
What Does The Blanking Period Blank? 1-gen-2015 Mariani, M A; Pozzoli, A; Maat Ge, De; Alfieri, O R; Benussi, S
What Drives R&D Cooperation? Empirical Evidence from Italian Manufacturing And Services Firms 1-gen-2007 Morandi, Valentina; Sgobbi, Francesca
What exactly is extinguished in unilateral visual extinction? Neurophysiological evidence. 1-gen-2001 C. A., Marzi; M., Girelli; E., Natale; Miniussi, Carlo
What Factors Determine Treatment Outcome in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in the Modern Era? A Post Hoc STASH Analysis 1-gen-2017 Teo, Mario; Teo, Mario; Turner, Carole; Kirkpatrick, Peter J.; Kirkpatrick, Peter J.; Turner, Carole L.; Murray, Gordon D.; Hutchinson, Peter J.; Teasdale, Graham; Murray, Gordon D.; Kirkpatrick, Peter J.; Mendelow, A. David; Muir, Keith; Smith, Martin; Mccabe, Peter; Pearson, Jeremy; Ford, Gary; Vail, Andrew; King, Andrew; Tyrrell, Pippa; Richards, Hugh; Bond, Simon; Kirkpatrick, Peter J.; Turner, Carole L.; Smith, Christopher; Warburton, Elizabeth; Kirkpatrick, Peter J.; Turner, Carole L.; Smith, Christopher; Tseng, Ming; Bulters, Diederik; Brown, Martina; Critchley, Giles; Spurling, Gavin; Gaylard, Jane; Javadpour, Mohsen; Eldridge, Paul; Murray, Lorna; Nelson, Richard; Taylor, Ros; Hierons, Sarah; Mendelow, A. David; Tobin, Bianca; Storey, Kelley; Walsh, Daniel; Mistry, Bejal; Aeron-Thomas, John; Puppo, Corina; Papadopoulos, Mario; Montague, Laura; Gan, Peter; Flint, Graham; Hurley, Jennie; Ronne, Elizabeth; Stjernling, Inger; Wang, Ernest; Leen Cheng, Ei; Lai, Jing Li; Ross, Stuart; Bellfield, Ruth; Mandizvidza, Linetty; Whitfield, Peter; Persad, Nicola; Suttner, Nigel; Teo, Mario; Mcguigan, Kate; Cloughley, Linda; Patel, Hiren; Ingham, Andrea; Shaw, Kellymarie; Vindlacheruvu, Raghu; Millo, Julian; Warner, Orlando; Teal, Rachel; Bernard, Francis; Sirois, Carol; Joshi, Shaban; Nyabadza, Sheila; Grieve, Joan; Kitchen, Neil; Bassan, Vanessa; Rayson, Philip; Zeitlin, Alexander; Findlay, Max; Sonnema, Leeca; Poworoznik, Brenda; Quintero, Juan; Eljamel, Sam; Teo, Mario; Rasulo, Frank; Ng, Ivan; Lai, Jing Li; Mathew, Bruce; Grieg, Jill; Hanel, Ricardo; Richie, Alexa; Fleetwood, Ian; Reardon-White, Elizabeth; Hampton, Ginger; Lewis, Stephen; Miralia, Lynn; Brydon, Howard; Maguire, Holly; Patel, Umang; Sanderson, Helen; Birchall, Kathryn; Bayliss, Pauline; O'Neill, Kevin; Sachs, Tina; Kett-White, Rupert; Quinn, Leanne
What follow up for early gastric cancer patients radically treated? 1-gen-2013 Baiocchi, Gian Luca; Tiberio, Guido Alberto Massimo; Portolani, Nazario; Coniglio, Arianna; Gheza, Federico; Molfino, S.; Morgagni, P.; Saragoni, L.; De Manzoni, G.; Giulini S., M:
What fraction of the electrical energy produced in a hybrid fossil-solar power plant should qualify as 'renewable electricity'? 1-gen-2013 Iora, Paolo Giulio; Ghoniem, A. F.; Beretta, Gian Paolo
What fraction of the fuel consumed by a heat-and-power cogeneration facility should be allocated to the heat produced? Old problem, novel approach 1-gen-2013 Iora, Paolo Giulio; Ghoniem, A. F.; Beretta, Gian Paolo
What goes up sometimes stays up: shocks and institutions as determinants of unemployment persistence 1-gen-2003 Amisano, Giovanni Gabriele; Serati, M.
What is "conventional therapy"? A 10-years systematic review on physical rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis 1-gen-2019 Falciati, L.; Vacchi, L.; Balduzzi, Marta; Mazzucchelli, Michela; Gobbo, M.
What is a Chemical Equilibrium State? 1-gen-2015 Beretta, Gian Paolo; Gyftopoulos, Elias
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