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Fermi resonances and vibrational spectra of crystalline and amorphous polyethylene chains 1-gen-1982 Abbate, Sergio; Zerbi, G; Wunder, Sl
Infrared intensities of methane and ethan. A starting set of electro-optical parameters for n-hydrocabons 1-gen-1982 Gussoni, M; Abbate, Sergio; Zerbi, G.
Inherently dissimetric chromophores and vibrational circular dichroism. The Ch2-CH2-C*H Fragment 1-gen-1982 Laux, L; Pultz, V; Abbate, Sergio; Havel, Ha; Overend, J; Moscowitz, A; Lightner, Da
Vibrational Circular Dichroism of (R)-(-)-Neophentyl-l-d-Chloride and (R)-(-)Neophentyl-l-d-Bromide 1-gen-1984 Pultz, Vm; Abbate, Sergio; Laux, L; Havel, Ha; Overend, J; Moscowitz, A; Mosher, Hs
Conformational dependence of Fermi Resonance in n-Alkanes Raman Spectra of 1,1,1,4,4,4,-Hexadeuteriobutane 1-gen-1984 Abbate, Sergio; Wunder, Sl; Zerbi, G.
Anharmonic vibrational averages for formaldehyde 1-gen-1984 Severson, Mw; Abbate, Sergio; Overend, J.
Conformationally dependent Fermi Resonance and long range interactions between s bonds in Polymethylene systems derived from their Raman spectra 1-gen-1985 Ricard, L; Abbate, Sergio; Zerbi, G.
The Charge flow model applied to Vibration Circular Dichroism of Oriented species 1-gen-1985 Abbate, Sergio; Laux, L; Pultz, Vm; Havel, Hs; Overend, J; Moscowitz, A.
Vibrational Spectroscopy of D-Glucose: the CH stretching Region 1-gen-1986 Longhi, Giovanna; Paterlini, G; Abbate, Sergio; Ricard, L; Zerbi, G.
A comparative study of the fundamental and overtone spectra of Dioxane 1-gen-1986 Longhi, Giovanna; Ricard, L; Abbate, Sergio; Zerbi, G.
Conformational dependence of CH(CD)-stretchings in D-glucose and some deuterated derivatives as revealed by infrared and Raman spectroscopy 1-gen-1987 Longhi, Giovanna; Zerbi, G; Paterlini, G; Ricard, L; Abbate, Sergio
Electric dipole moment functions from vibrational absorption intensities of fundamental and overtone transitions 1-gen-1988 Longhi, Giovanna; Ricard, L; Abbate, Sergio; Zerbi, G.
Vibrational Optical Activity in deuteriated Phenylethanes 1-gen-1988 Abbate, Sergio; Havel, Ha; Laux, L; Pultz, Vm; Moscowitz, A.
Assestment of the values of the CH-stretching force constants in sugar molecules 1-gen-1989 Pizzini, S; Bajo, G; Abbate, Sergio; Conti, G; ATALLA RAJAI, H.
Vibrational circular dichroism as a criterion for local mode versus normal mode behavior. Near infrared circular dichroism spectra of some monoterpenes 1-gen-1989 Abbate, Sergio; Longhi, Giovanna; Ricard, L; Bertucci, C; Rosini, C; Salvadori, P; Moscowitz, A.
The first overtone of CH-stretchings in Polymethylene chains: a conformationally dependent spectrum 1-gen-1990 RICARD LESPADE, L; Longhi, Giovanna; Abbate, Sergio
Characterization of the glycosidic linkage by infraed and Raman spectroscopy in the CH stretching region: a,a-trehalose and a,a-trehalose-2,3,4,6,6-d10 1-gen-1991 Abbate, Sergio; Conti, G; Naggi, A.
Highly excited Vibrational States of cyclic molecules investigated by I.C.L.A. Spectroscopy with photoacoutstic detection. 1-gen-1991 Lespade, L; Rodin, S; Cavagnat, D; Abbate, Sergio
Intractivity dye laser photoacoustic spectroscopy: measurements of the fifth overtone of cyclohexane 1-gen-1991 Lespade, L; Rodin, S; Cavagnat, D; Martin, Jj; Cornut, Jc; Abbate, Sergio
Analysis of the transition from Normal Modes to Local Modes in a system of two harmonically coupled Morse oscillators 1-gen-1992 Longhi, Giovanna; Abbate, Sergio; Zagano, C; Botto, G; RICARD LESPADE, L.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 230
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