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Impact of COVID-19 on Alzheimer’s Disease Risk: Viewpoint for Research Action 1-gen-2020 Abate, Giulia; Memo, Maurizio; Uberti, Daniela
A telescope GWAS analysis strategy, based on SNPs-genes-pathways ensamble and on multivariate algorithms, to characterize late onset Alzheimer’s disease 1-gen-2020 Squillario, Margherita; Abate, Giulia; Tomasi, Federico; Tozzo, Veronica; Barla, Annalisa; Uberti, Daniela
Mitochondria and cellular redox state on the route from ageing to Alzheimer's disease 1-gen-2020 Abate, Giulia; Vezzoli, Marika; Sandri, Marco; Rungratanawanich, Wiramon; Memo, Maurizio; Uberti, Daniela
Pharmacological profile of γ-oryzanol: Its antioxidant mechanisms and its effects in age-related diseases 1-gen-2020 Rungratanawanich, Wiramon; Abate, Giulia; Uberti, Daniela
The pleiotropic role of p53 in functional/dysfunctional neurons: focus on pathogenesis and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease 1-gen-2020 Abate, G.; Frisoni, G. B.; Bourdon, J. -C.; Piccirella, S.; Memo, M.; Uberti, D.
A conformation variant of p53 combined with machine learning identifies alzheimer disease in preclinical and prodromal stages 1-gen-2021 Abate, G.; Vezzoli, M.; Polito, L.; Guaita, A.; Albani, D.; Marizzoni, M.; Garrafa, E.; Marengoni, A.; Forloni, G.; Frisoni, G. B.; Cummings, J. L.; Memo, M.; Uberti, D.
Potential and limits of cannabinoids in alzheimer’s disease therapy 1-gen-2021 Abate, G.; Uberti, D.; Tambaro, S.
Variation in phytochemical, antioxidant and volatile composition of pomelo fruit (Citrus grandis (l.) osbeck) during seasonal growth and development 1-gen-2021 Gupta, A. K.; Dhua, S.; Sahu, P. P.; Abate, G.; Mishra, P.; Mastinu, A.
Phytochemical analysis and anti-inflammatory activity of different ethanolic phyto-extracts of artemisia annua l 1-gen-2021 Abate, G.; Zhang, L.; Pucci, M.; Morbini, G.; Sweeney, E. M.; Maccarinelli, G.; Ribaudo, G.; Gianoncelli, A.; Uberti, D.; Memo, M.; Lucini, L.; Mastinu, A.
Methylglyoxal affects cognitive behaviour and modulates RAGE and Presenilin-1 expression in hippocampus of aged mice 1-gen-2021 Pucci, M.; Aria, F.; Premoli, M.; Maccarinelli, G.; Mastinu, A.; Bonini, S.; Memo, M.; Uberti, D.; Abate, G.
Different Seasonal Collections of Ficus carica L. Leaves Diversely Modulate Lipid Metabolism and Adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes 1-gen-2022 Pucci, M.; Mandrone, M.; Chiocchio, I.; MAC SWEENEY, Eileen; Tirelli, E.; Uberti, D.; Memo, M.; Poli, F.; Mastinu, A.; Abate, G.
Physiological, Biochemical, and Agronomic Trait Responses of Nigella sativa Genotypes to Water Stress 1-gen-2022 Bayati, P.; Karimmojeni, H.; Razmjoo, J.; Pucci, M.; Abate, G.; Baldwin, T. C.; Mastinu, A.
How to Assess the Measurement Performance of Mobile/Wearable Point-of-Care Testing Devices? A Systematic Review Addressing Sweat Analysis 1-gen-2022 Tonello, S.; Abate, G.; Borghetti, M.; Lopomo, N. F.; Serpelloni, M.; Sardini, E.
Post-translational Modifications of the p53 Protein and the Impact in Alzheimer's Disease: A Review of the Literature 1-gen-2022 Clark, James S; Kayed, Rakez; Abate, Giulia; Uberti, Daniela; Kinnon, Paul; Piccirella, Simona
Physiological and Molecular Aspects of Two Thymus Species Differently Sensitive to Drought Stress 1-gen-2022 Ashrafi, M.; Azimi-Moqadam, M. -R.; Mohsenifard, E.; Shekari, F.; Jafary, H.; Moradi, P.; Pucci, M.; Abate, G.; Mastinu, A.
The Bright Side of Psychedelics: Latest Advances and Challenges in Neuropharmacology 1-gen-2023 Mastinu, Andrea; Anyanwu, Margrate; Carone, Marinella; Abate, Giulia; Bonini, Sara Anna; Peron, Gregorio; Tirelli, Emanuela; Pucci, Mariachiara; Ribaudo, Giovanni; Oselladore, Erika; Premoli, Marika; Gianoncelli, Alessandra; Uberti, Daniela Letizia; Memo, Maurizio
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 36 di 36
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