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Evaluating service quality of Korean restaurants: A fuzzy analytic hierarchy approach 1-gen-2016 Ulkhaq, M. M.; Nartadhi, R. L.; Akshinta, P. Y.
The use of quality management techniques: The application of the new seven tools 1-gen-2018 Pramono, S. N. W.; Ulkhaq, M. M.; Rachmadina, D. P.; Trianto, R.; Rachmadani, A. P.; Wijayanti, W. R.; Dewi, W. R.
Barriers of reverse logistics implementation: A case study in a car battery industry in Indonesia 1-gen-2018 Sari, D. P.; Ulkhaq, M. M.; Rinawati, D. I.; Rasyida, D. R.
Using multivariate control chart to maintain the quality of drinking water in accordance with standard 1-gen-2018 Susanty, A.; Ulkhaq, M. M.; Amalia, D.
A logistic regression approach to model the willingness of consumers to adopt renewable energy sources 1-gen-2018 Ulkhaq, M. M.; Widodo, A. K.; Yulianto, M. F. A.; Widhiyaningrum, ; Mustikasari, A.; Akshinta, P. Y.
Formulating a marketing strategy of SME through a combination of 9ps of marketing mix and porter's five forces: A case study 1-gen-2018 Ulkhaq, M. M.; Wijayanti, W. R.; Dewi, W. R.; Prayogo, A.; Aulia, F. S.; Utami, A. A.; Mustikasari, A.
An integrated M-S-QUAL and importance-performance analysis approach for assessing service quality of mobile commerce application 1-gen-2019 Ulkhaq, M. M.; Widodo, A. K.; Widhiyaningrum, ; Yulianto, M. F. A.; Gracia, M. O.
Parallel discretization of the Markov chain approximation for the autoregressive moving average chart 1-gen-2019 Jihn, C. -H.; Ulkhaq, M. M.
Service quality analysis of bus rapid transit: A case in semarang, Indonesia 1-gen-2019 Ulkhaq, M. M.; Ardiani, A. J.; Farhan, M.; Bagja, R. P.; Hanif, R. Z.
Assessing students’ perceptions to sustainability: A comparison between two universities 1-gen-2019 Ulkhaq, M. M.; Prakoso, M. F. A.; Sari, V. K.; Maduma, L.; Hazazi, M. H.
The driver and barrier of implementation green supply chain management (GSCM) in construction projects 1-gen-2019 Handayani, N. U.; Rinawati, D. I.; Wibowo, M. A.; Gabriela, T.; Ulkhaq, M. M.
Clustering countries according to the world happiness report 1-gen-2020 Ulkhaq, M. M.
A data envelopment analysis approach for assessing the efficiency of sub-sectors of creative industry: A case study of batik enterprises from Semarang, Indonesia 1-gen-2020 Handayani, N. U.; Sari, D. P.; Ulkhaq, M. M.; Widharto, Y.; Fitriani, R. C. A.
Service Quality Assessment of Theme Park 1-gen-2020 Astari, F.; Astari, F.; Kahfi, R. S.; Ardi, F.; Oki, L.; Ulkhaq, M. M.
Identifying factors for assessing regional readiness level to manage natural disaster in emergency response periods 1-gen-2020 Handayani, N. U.; Sari, D. P.; Ulkhaq, M. M.; Nugroho, A. S.; Hanifah, A.
Assessing mobile location-based service (m-lbs) quality: A combination of m-lbs quality scale and importance-performance analysis 1-gen-2020 Ulkhaq, M.; Pertiwi, A. W. I.; Pritandari, L.; Taufik Aditya, M.
Assessing Customer Satisfaction: A Case in Logistics Service Company 1-gen-2021 Lumbantobing, Septina G.; Silalahi, Abdi R.; Tarigan, Elieser L.; Pandiangan, Samuel H.; Ulkhaq, M. M.
Life Cycle Assessment of High Pressure-Cooked Smoked Milkfish Production: A Case Study in Semarang, Indonesia 1-gen-2021 Susanto, N.; Prastawa, H.; Sembiring, N. V.; Ulkhaq, M. M
Analysis of the tendency of transition between segments of green consumer behavior with a Markov chain approach 1-gen-2021 Susanty, A; Akshinta, Py; Ulkhaq, Mm; Puspitasari, Nb
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