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Intranuclear distribution of HMGI/Y proteins. An immunocytochemical study 1-gen-1998 Martelli, Am; Riccio, M; Bareggi, R; Manfioletti, G; Tabellini, Giovanna; Baldini, G; Narducci, P; Giancotti, V.
Influence of different metal ions on the ultrastructure, biochemical properties, and protein localization of the K562 cell nuclear matrix. 1-gen-1999 Neri, Lm; Bortul, R; Zweyer, M; Tabellini, Giovanna; Borgatti, P; Marchisio, M; Bareggi, R; Capitani, S; Martelli, Am
The pro-apoptotic drug camptothecin stimulates phospholipase D activity and diacylglycerol production in the nucleus of HL-60 human promyelocytic leukemia cells. 1-gen-1999 Martelli, Am; Bortul, R; Bareggi, R; Tabellini, Giovanna; Grill, V; Baldini, G; Narducci, P.
Insulin-like growth factor-I-dependent stimulation of nuclear phospholipase C-beta1 activity in Swiss 3T3 cells requires an intact cytoskeleton and is paralleled by increased phosphorylation of the phospholipase. 1-gen-1999 Martelli, Am; Cocco, L; Bareggi, R; Tabellini, Giovanna; Rizzoli, R; Ghibellini, Md; Narducci, P.
Rab3A and Rab3D control the total granule number and the fraction of granules docked at the plasma membrane in PC12 cells 1-gen-2000 Martelli, Am; Baldini, G; Tabellini, Giovanna; Koticha, D; Bareggi, R; Baldini, G.
Enhanced nuclear diacylglycerol kinase activity in response to a mitogenic stimulation of quiescent Swiss 3T3 cells with insulin-like growth factor I. 1-gen-2000 Martelli, Am; Tabellini, Giovanna; Bortul, R; Manzoli, L; Bareggi, R; Baldini, G; Grill, V; Zweyer, M; Narducci, P; Cocco, L.
Nuclear matrix protein is released from apoptotic white cells during cold (1-6 degrees C) storage of concentrated red cell units and might induce antibody response in multiply transfused patients. 1-gen-2000 Martelli, Am; Tazzari, Pl; Bortul, R; Riccio, M; Tabellini, Giovanna; Santi, S; Frabetti, F; Musiani, D; Bareggi, R; Conte, R.
Re-examination of the mechanisms regulating nuclear inositol lipid metabolism. 1-gen-2001 Martelli, Am; Bortul, R; Tabellini, Giovanna; Aluigi, M; Peruzzi, D; Bareggi, R; Narducci, P; Cocco, L.
Localization of the small monomeric GTPases Rab3D and Rab3A in the AtT-20 rat pituitary cell line. 1-gen-2001 Tabellini, Giovanna; Baldini, G; Baldini, G; Bortul, R; Bareggi, R; Narducci, P; Martelli, Am
Nuclear apoptotic changes: an overview 1-gen-2001 Martelli, Am; Zweyer, M; Ochs, Rl; Tazzari, Pl; Tabellini, Giovanna; Narducci, P; Bortul, R.
Nuclear changes in necrotic HL-60 cells. 1-gen-2001 Bortul, R; Zweyer, M; Billi, Am; Tabellini, Giovanna; Ochs, Rl; Bareggi, R; Cocco, L; Martelli, Am
Phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase Cbeta1 expression is not linked to nerve growth factor-induced differentiation, cell survival or cell cycle control in PC12 rat pheocromocytoma cells. 1-gen-2001 Bortul, R; Aluigi, M; Tazzari, Pl; Tabellini, Giovanna; Baldini, G; Bareggi, R; Narducci, P; Martelli, Am
Further considerations on the intranuclear distribution of HMGI/Y proteins. 1-gen-2001 Tabellini, Giovanna; Riccio, M; Baldini, G; Bareggi, R; Billi, Am; Grill, V; Narducci, P; Martelli, Am
Flow cytometric detection of total and serine 473 phosphorylated Akt. 1-gen-2002 Tazzari, Pl; Cappellini, A; Bortul, R; Ricci, F; Billi, Am; Tabellini, Giovanna; Conte, R; Martelli, Am
Proliferating or differentiating stimuli act on different lipid-dependent signaling pathways in nuclei of human leukemia cells. 1-gen-2002 Neri, Lm; Bortul, R; Borgatti, P; Tabellini, Giovanna; Baldini, G; Capitani, S; Martelli, Am
The controversial nuclear matrix: a balanced point of view. 1-gen-2002 Martelli, Am; Falcieri, E; Zweyer, M; Bortul, R; Tabellini, Giovanna; Cappellini, A; Cocco, L; Manzoli, L.
Diacylglycerol kinases in nuclear lipid-dependent signal transduction pathways 1-gen-2002 Martelli, Am; Bortul, R; Tabellini, Giovanna; Bareggi, R; Manzoli, L; Narducci, P; Cocco, L.
Binding of elements of protein kinase C-alpha regulatory domain to lamin B1 1-gen-2002 Tabellini, Giovanna; Bortul, R; Aluigi, M; Billi, Am; Bareggi, R; Grill, V; Narducci, P; Martelli, Am
Erythropoietin-induced erythroid differentiation of K562 cells is accompanied by the nuclear translocation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and intranuclear generation of phosphatidylinositol (3,4,5) trisphosphate. 1-gen-2002 Neri, Lm; Bortul, R; Tabellini, Giovanna; Borgatti, P; Baldini, G; Celeghini, C; Capitani, S; Martelli, Am
Molecular characterization of protein kinase C-alpha binding to lamin A. 1-gen-2002 Martelli, Am; Bortul, R; Tabellini, Giovanna; Faenza, I; Cappellini, A; Bareggi, R; Manzoli, L; Cocco, L.
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