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Measurmements Of Exerted Forces During Handcycling. Preliminary Results 1-gen-2011 Ometto, Marco; Gaffurini, Paolo; Bissolotti, Luciano Maria Enrico; Serpelloni, Mauro; Legnani, Giovanni
Energy metabolism during activity-promoting video games practice in subjects with spinal cord injury: evidences for health promotion. 1-gen-2013 Gaffurini, Paolo; Bissolotti, Luciano Maria Enrico; Calza, Stefano; Calabretto, C; Orizio, Claudio; Gobbo, Massimiliano
Changes in skeletal muscle perfusion and spasticity in patients with poststroke hemiparesis treated by robotic assistance (Gloreha) of the hand 1-gen-2016 Bissolotti, Luciano; Villafañe, Jorge Hugo; Gaffurini, Paolo; Orizio, Claudio; Valdes, Kristin; Negrini, Stefano
Dynamic analysis of handcycling: Mathematical modelling and experimental tests 1-gen-2017 Azizpour, Ghazaleh; Ousdad, Abdelmajid; Legnani, Giovanni; Incerti, Giovanni; Lancini, Matteo; Gaffurini, Paolo
Hand Passive Mobilization Performed with Robotic Assistance: Acute Effects on Upper Limb Perfusion and Spasticity in Stroke Survivors 1-gen-2017 Gobbo, Massimiliano; Gaffurini, Paolo; Vacchi, Laura; Lazzarini, Sara; Villafane, Jorge; Orizio, Claudio; Negrini, Stefano; Bissolotti, Luciano
An experimental method to estimate upper limbs inertial parameters during handcycling 1-gen-2018 Azizpour, Ghazaleh; Lancini, Matteo; Incerti, Giovanni; Gaffurini, Paolo; Legnani, Giovanni
Exercise Combined with Electrotherapy Enhances Motor Function in an Adolescent with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type III 1-gen-2019 Gobbo, Massimiliano; Lazzarini, Sara; Vacchi, Laura; Gaffurini, Paolo; Bissolotti, Luciano; Padovani, Alessandro; Filosto, Massimiliano
Preliminary Validation of a Device for the Upper and Lower Limb Robotic Rehabilitation 1-gen-2019 Amici, C.; Tiboni, M.; Ghidoni, M.; Ceresoli, F.; Gaffurini, P.; Bissolotti, L.; Mor, M.; Fausti, D.; Antonini, M.; Ragni, F.
Influence of age on motor control accuracy during static ramp contractions 1-gen-2019 Cogliati, M.; Cudicio, A.; Negro, F.; Gaffurini, P.; Bissolotti, L. M.; Orizio, C.
Normalized maximal rate of torque development during voluntary and stimulated static contraction in human tibialis anterior: Influence of age 1-gen-2020 Cogliati, M.; Cudicio, A.; Toscani, F.; Gaffurini, P.; Bissolotti, L. M.; Orizio, C.; Negro, F.
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