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Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation. The CERTIFY Study (Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Atrial Fibrillation Patients Multinational Registry). 1-gen-2013 Gasparini, M; Leclercq, C; Lunati, M; Landolina, M; Auricchio, A; Santini, M; Boriani, G; Lamp, B; Proclemer, A; Curnis, Antonio; Klersy, C; Leyva, F. 1. 2.
Circulating Kidney Injury Molecule-1 Levels in Acute Heart Failure: Insights From the ASCEND-HF Trial (Acute Study of Clinical Effectiveness of Nesiritide in Decompensated Heart Failure) 1-gen-2015 Grodin, Justin L; Perez, Antonio L; Wu, Yuping; Hernandez, Adrian F; Butler, Javed; Metra, Marco; Felker, G Michael; Voors, Adriaan A; Mcmurray, John J; Armstrong, Paul W; Califf, Robert M; Starling, Randall C; O'Connor, Christopher M; Tang, W H Wilson
Comparative Assessment of Short-Term Adverse Events in Acute Heart Failure With Cystatin C and Other Estimates of Renal Function: Results From the ASCEND-HF Trial 1-gen-2015 Tang, W. H. Wilson; Dupont, Matthias; Hernandez, Adrian F; Voors, Adriaan A; Hsu, Amy P; Felker, G. Michael; Butler, Javed; Metra, Marco; Anker, Stefan D; Troughton, Richard W; Gottlieb, Stephen S; Mcmurray, John J; Armstrong, Paul W; Massie, Barry M; Califf, Robert M; O'Connor, Christopher M; Starling, Randall C.
Competing Risk of Cardiac Status and Renal Function During Hospitalization for Acute Decompensated Heart Failure 1-gen-2015 Salah, Khibar; Kok, Wouter E; Eurlings, Luc W; Bettencourt, Paulo; Pimenta, Joana M; Metra, Marco; Verdiani, Valerio; Tijssen, Jan G; Pinto, Yigal M
Is Time of the Essence? The Impact of Time of Hospital Presentation in Acute Heart Failure: Insights From ASCEND-HF Trial 1-gen-2018 Cerbin, Lukasz P; Ambrosy, Andrew P; Greene, Stephen J; Armstrong, Paul W; Butler, Javed; Coles, Adrian; Devore, Adam D; Ezekowitz, Justin A; Hernandez, Adrian F; Metra, Marco; Starling, Randall C; Tang, Wilson; Teerlink, John R; Voors, Adriaan A; Wu, Angie; O'Connor, Christopher M; Mentz, Robert J
Prognostic Value of Baseline and Changes in Circulating Soluble ST2 Levels and the Effects of Nesiritide in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure 1-gen-2016 Tang, W H Wilson; Wu, Yuping; Grodin, Justin L; Hsu, Amy P; Hernandez, Adrian F; Butler, Javed; Metra, Marco; Voors, Adriaan A; Felker, G Michael; Troughton, Richard W; Mills, Roger M; Mcmurray, John J; Armstrong, Paul W; O'Connor, Christopher M; Starling, Randall C
Tachycardia after a heart failure hospitalization: another piece of the puzzle? 1-gen-2013 Metra, Marco
Targeting N-Terminal Pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide in Older Versus Younger Acute Decompensated Heart Failure Patients 1-gen-2016 Stienen, Susan; Salah, Khibar; Eurlings, Luc W; Bettencourt, Paulo; Pimenta, Joana M; Metra, Marco; Bayes-Genis, Antoni; Verdiani, Valerio; Bettari, Luca; Lazzarini, Valentina; Tijssen, Jan P; Pinto, Yigal M; Kok, Wouter E
Use of High-Sensitivity Troponin T to Identify Patients With Acute Heart Failure at Lower Risk for Adverse Outcomes: An Exploratory Analysis From the RELAX-AHF Trial 1-gen-2016 Pang, Peter S; Teerlink, John R; Voors, Adriaan A; Ponikowski, Piotr; Greenberg, Barry H; Filippatos, Gerasimos; Felker, G Michael; Davison, Beth A; Cotter, Gad; Kriger, Joshua; Prescott, Margaret F; Hua, Tsushung A; Severin, Thomas; Metra, Marco
Worsening Heart Failure Following Admission for Acute Heart Failure: A Pooled Analysis of the PROTECT and RELAX-AHF Studies 1-gen-2015 Davison, Beth A; Metra, Marco; Cotter, Gad; Massie, Barry M; Cleland, John G F; Dittrich, Howard C; Edwards, Christopher; Filippatos, Gerasimos; Givertz, Michael M; Greenberg, Barry; Ponikowski, Piotr; Voors, Adriaan A; O'Connor, Christopher M; Teerlink, John R
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 10 di 10
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