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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
An analytical probabilistic model of the quality efficiency of a sewer tank 1-gen-2009 Balistrocchi, Matteo; Grossi, Giovanna; Bacchi, Baldassare
Analysis of the relationships between flood peaks and flood volumes based on crossing properties of riverflow process 1-gen-1992 Bacchi, Baldassare; Brath, A.; Kottegoda, N. T.
Comment upon Multivariate Synthetic Hydrology 1-gen-1975 Finzi, Giovanna; Todini, E.; Wallis, J. R.
A conceptual model of people’s vulnerability to flood 1-gen-2015 Milanesi, Luca; Pilotti, Marco; Ranzi, Roberto
Copula-Based Modeling of Flood Control Reservoirs 1-gen-2017 Balistrocchi, M.; Orlandini, S.; Ranzi, R.; Bacchi, B.
Data set for hydrodynamic lake model calibration: A deep prealpine case 1-gen-2013 Pilotti, Marco; Valerio, Giulia; Leoni, B.
Estimating the uncertainty of hydrological forecasts: a statistical approach 1-gen-2008 Montanari, A; Grossi, Giovanna
Extraction of cross sections from digital elevation model for one-dimensional dam-break wave propagation in mountain valleys 1-gen-2016 Pilotti, Marco
Failure Probability Analysis of Levees Affected by Mammal Bioerosion 1-gen-2021 Balistrocchi, M.; Moretti, G.; Ranzi, R.; Orlandini, S.
Forcing, intermittency and land surface hydrologic partitioning 1-gen-1997 Marani, M.; Grossi, Giovanna; Napolitano, F.; Wallace, M.; Entekhabi, D.
Fractal relation of mainstream length to catchment area in river networks 1-gen-1991 Rosso, R.; Bacchi, Baldassare; LA BARBERA, P.
A modeling approach to identify the effective forcing exerted by wind on a prealpine lake surrounded by a complex topography 1-gen-2017 Valerio, G.; Cantelli, A.; Monti, P.; Leuzzi, G.
Relative Permeability Scaling From Pore-Scale Flow Regimes 1-gen-2019 Picchi, D; Battiato, I
A simple approach to the evaluation of the actual water renewal time of natural stratified lakes 1-gen-2014 Pilotti, Marco; Simoncelli, S.; Valerio, Giulia
The Impact of Pore-Scale Flow Regimes on Upscaling of Immiscible Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media 1-gen-2018 Picchi, D; Battiato, I
Using web-based observations to identify thresholds of a person's stability in a flow 1-gen-2016 Milanesi, Luca; Pilotti, Marco; Bacchi, Baldassare
Vulnerability to Flash Floods: A Simplified Structural Model for Masonry Buildings 1-gen-2018 Milanesi, Luca; Pilotti, Marco; Belleri, Andrea; Marini, Alessandra; Fuchs, Sven
Water dynamics in a gradually nonhomogeneous soil described by the linearized Richards equation 1-gen-2007 Barontini, Stefano; Ranzi, Roberto; Bacchi, Baldassare
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 18 di 18
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