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Agricultural waste as household fuel: Techno-economic assessment of a new rice-husk cookstove for developing countries 1-gen-2013 Vitali, Francesco; Parmigiani, Simone Pietro; Vaccari, Mentore; Collivignarelli, Carlo
Assessment of health-care waste management in a humanitarian crisis: A case study of the Gaza Strip 1-gen-2016 Caniato, Marco Maria Giovanni; Tudor, TERRY LOUIS; Vaccari, Mentore
Bottom ash derived from municipal solid waste and sewage sludge co-incineration: First results about characterization and reuse 1-gen-2020 Assi, A.; Bilo, F.; Federici, S.; Zacco, A.; Depero, L. E.; Bontempi, E.
Characteristics of leachate from landfills and dumpsites in Asia, Africa and Latin America: an overview 1-gen-2019 Vaccari, M.; Tudor, T.; Vinti, G.
Evaluation and comparison of pre-treatment techniques for recovering indium from discarded liquid crystal displays 1-gen-2019 Savvilotidou, Vasiliki; Kousaiti, Athanasia; Batinic, Bojan; Vaccari, Mentore; Kastanaki, Eleni; Karagianni, Katerina; Gidarakos, Evangelos
From mixed to separate collection of solid waste: benefits for the town of Zavidovici (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 1-gen-2013 Vaccari, Mentore; DI BELLA, Veronica; Vitali, Francesco; Collivignarelli, Carlo
Implementation of circular economy in the management of municipal solid waste in an Italian medium-sized city: A 30-years lasting history 1-gen-2021 Bertanza, G.; Mazzotti, S.; Gomez, F. H.; Nenci, M.; Vaccari, M.; Zetera, S. F.
Legal situation and current practice of waste incineration bottom ash utilisation in Europe 1-gen-2020 Blasenbauer, D.; Huber, F.; Lederer, J.; Quina, M. J.; Blanc-Biscarat, D.; Bogush, A.; Bontempi, E.; Blondeau, J.; Chimenos, J. M.; Dahlbo, H.; Fagerqvist, J.; Giro-Paloma, J.; Hjelmar, O.; Hyks, J.; Keaney, J.; Lupsea-Toader, M.; O'Caollai, C. J.; Orupold, K.; Pajak, T.; Simon, F. -G.; Svecova, L.; Syc, M.; Ulvang, R.; Vaajasaari, K.; Van Caneghem, J.; van Zomeren, A.; Vasarevicius, S.; Wegner, K.; Fellner, J.
Potential of compost mixed with tuff and pozzolana in site restoration 1-gen-2015 Sbaffoni, Silvia; Boni, Maria Rosaria; Vaccari, Mentore
Poultry litter ash characterisation and recovery 1-gen-2020 Fahimi, A.; Bilo, F.; Assi, A.; Dalipi, R.; Federici, S.; Guedes, A.; Valentim, B.; Olgun, H.; Ye, G.; Bialecka, B.; Fiameni, L.; Borgese, L.; Cathelineau, M.; Boiron, M. -C.; Predeanu, G.; Bontempi, E.
Prevention policies addressing packaging and packaging waste: Some emerging trends 1-gen-2016 Tencati, Antonio; S., Pogutz; B., Moda; M., Brambilla; C., Cacia
Recovery of MSWI and soil washing residues as concrete aggregates 1-gen-2011 Sorlini, Sabrina; Abba', A.; Collivignarelli, Carlo
Reuse of municipal solid wastes incineration fly ashes in concrete mixtures 1-gen-2002 Collivignarelli, Carlo; Sorlini, Sabrina
Study of the reuse of treated wastewater on waste container washing vehicles 1-gen-2013 Vaccari, Mentore; Gialdini, Francesca; Collivignarelli, Carlo
Techno-economic performance indicators of municipal solid waste collection strategies 1-gen-2018 Bertanza, G.; Ziliani, Emanuele; Menoni, L.
The (un)shared responsibility in the reverse logistics of portable batteries: A Brazilian case 1-gen-2022 Duarte Castro, Francine; Gomes Xavier, Bárbara; Alexina do Carmo Cardeal, Jordânia; Marcela Penha Perpétuo, Brena; Gomes Lopes, Laura; Lacerda da Silva, Jaqueline; França Furtado da Costa, Ricardo; Cutaia, Laura; Vaccari, Mentore
Understanding the perceptions, roles and interactions of stakeholder networks managing health-care waste: A case study of the Gaza Strip 1-gen-2015 Caniato, Marco Maria Giovanni; Tudor, T; Vaccari, Mentore
Using social network and stakeholder analysis to help evaluate infectious waste management: A step towards a holistic assessment 1-gen-2014 Caniato, Marco Maria Giovanni; Vaccari, Mentore; Chettiyappan, Visvanathan; Christian, Zurbrügg
Utilizing an Integrated Assessment Scheme for sustainable waste management in low and middle-income countries: case studies from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Mozambique 1-gen-2020 Perteghella, Andrea; Gilioli, Gianni; Terrytudor, ; Vaccari, Mentore
Waste-to-Energy and recycling: The role of plant ownership and waste mobility 1-gen-2022 Levaggi, Laura; Levaggi, Rosella; Marchiori, Carmen; Trecroci, Carmine
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 21
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